SEO Ireland

What Is SEO And How It Works?

Search Engine optimisation ( also called “SEO” ) is a process to rank a website higher in search engines to attract organic & targeted visitors.

When a user searches a query in google, Google process billions of pages at the backend to display the best search result for that particular query.

It uses 1000s of factors hidden from everyone, to rank any webpage in top rankings.

How does Google displays “Best” Results?

It mainly look at three core factors in content:

  • Relevancy
  • Authority
  • Usefulness

If you looking to rank your website in google? Make sure you create content that people love, share & engage with.

Are you working hard to attract more paying customers to your website via search engines? and your Website is struggling to rank higher in Google?

There could be many reasons why your website is not currently appearing high enough in Google Ireland, But  most common reasons are:

The website has Technical issues, errors.

Content on the page is not relevant to Search Query & not useful to users.

Website Authority is weak / Low Backlinks,

Poor user experience – Slow Speed, poor site structure, Unsecure.

5 step Process to rank your website in Google Ireland.

Step #1: The Keyword Research & competitor Analysis

Most of the things in SEO revolves around keywords. 

So, it is essential to find and select the right keywords for the website which are relevant to business and having a good number of searches on google. 

Selection of the keywords depends on various factors, not just on the number of searches per month but also the competitiveness of the keyword & user intent. 

If you are starting with SEO, choose low competition keywords with high conversion intent.

Do a research on competitor’s  website to find which keywords and topics they are targeting with their content, which keywords they are ranking for? what type of content they have on those pages, their backlink profile, social media and more. 

This will also add a good value in your keyword research and will help you to find some very good low competition keywords to target. 

Step #2: Technical Audit & Onsite Changes

Perform an onsite SEO audit consists of both technical audit & on-page audit. 

Audit your website for: 

Indexability & crawlability issues of the website in search engines.

Site speed, server errors, Redirects, 404 errors.

On page metadata like H1-H6 tags, image alt tags, rel-canonical, Meta descriptions and other on-page factors.  

Poor site structure, internal links and broken links on the website. 

Fix duplicate content & thin content Issues on the website.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly & takes 2-5 seconds to open. 

Step #3: Create a Better & Engaging content

Best way to