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Capture Leads via Twitter for Free – 

Using Twitter Lead Generation Cards in Your Tweets for Free!

What is a LGC?  LGC = Lead Generation Card (specifically in Twitter)

A LGC in Twitter is a form that can be attached to your Tweet that allows your followers to directly send you their contact information with the click of a single button in Twitter. Here is an example of what a LGC looks like:

Here is a Tweet containing the LGC: ( I will go through this with one of my customer profile, Print365 )

Using Twitter Lead Generation Cards in Your Tweets for Free!

Here is what appears when an end user clicks “View details:”

twitter card

Notice how the box is pre-populated with your recipient’s email address, enabling them to click the Call to Action button and beam their contact information to you in a single click. Ooohh, Aaahhh…Très Nifty!

“But wait!” you say, “I don’t have any budget to pay for Promoted Tweets!”

Great! Neither do I! We have that in common!

The beauty of Twitter LGCs is that you can add a LGC to a regular non-promoted Tweet and it doesn’t cost you a single solitary penny.


It’s Free…that’s right….I said the F-word.

You can’t compose and publish the Tweet from your regular Twitter admin home page. You have to compose and send the Tweet from inside Twitter Ads. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Log in to Twitter
  2. Click the Setting Icon and select “Twitter Ads” from the drop down menu [Screenshot below




3.  Click on the “Creatives” Tab in the top Nav Menu in Twitter Ads and Select “Cards”


generate card


4.  Click “Create your first Lead Generation Cards” – Bonus: You Can have an unlimited number of cards! 


create lead generation card

Here’s what the form looks like:


create twitter card


You’ll need to make sure you have the link to your Website’s privacy policy handy. Plus you’ll need to have an alternative URL where end-users can visit a page to find out more about you and/or your offer. Other than that, all the dimensions you need or right there on the page. Very easy. Now save your card.

5.  Once your card is set up, click the “Tweets” tab, just to the left of the “Cards” tab. [Screenshot below] You can also get there by selecting “Tweets” in the “Creatives” drop down menu in the Top Nav.

compose new tweet

6.  Click the blue “Compose Tweet” button located in the upper right corner.

7.  Leave the default delivery setting set to Standard. Compose your tweet & Click the last icon on the right just below your “Tweet” box (when you scroll over it, it says “Attach a Card to This Tweet”)


Twitter cards for free


8.  Select the card you would like to attach to your Tweet.

9.  Send your Tweet!

That’s it. Now you can grab your favorite beverage, sit back in your chair and just watch the cash roll in. Okay, maybe not, but you did just manage to attach a lead generation mechanism to your Tweet without spending one red cent!

Now, once you have cards set up in your Twitter Ads account, the steps are even easier. All you will have to do in that case is log in to Twitter. Click “Twitter Ads” from your settings menu. Click “Tweets” under the “Creatives” drop down in the top Nav. Click the blue “Compose Tweet” button. Write your Tweet, select the card and voila!

But wait, there’s more!

So, you might be thinking, “Great! But how do I get notified that someone filled out a Twitter LGC? What do I do with that info?”

Along with getting free LGCs, you also get access to some pretty nice analytic data for Tweets sent from your Twitter Ads account. So, here’s how you track and download your leads:

  1. Navigate back to the “Card” Tab under “Creatives.”
  2. Next to the card corresponding to the leads you want to access, mouse over the white area right below the card’s URL ]
  3. Scroll over  “seemingly blank” area under the card, and “boom!” there is a set of four icons – select the right-most one


This will create a .csv export of all of the leads generated by that card, together with the date they were collected, the user’s Twitter ID, Name, Twitter handle and, most magical of all, their email address. (Insert harp music and glitter here).


Upload these into your favorite email program (we love Mailchimp!) or CRM and have at it! You can also read our small Business seo guide here


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If you find this useful, Please do not forget to leave your comments with comment box under this post for your suggestions and feedback.


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