How to Secure WordPress with 3 Simple Steps

As Use of wordpress websites is increasing and securities issues are also increasing. Many websites are finding themselves victims of the infected code to wordpress.

how to secure wordpressAlthough not specifically SEO related, perhaps nothing can be more damaging to a website’s bottom line than a security problem. Search Rankings are great but only when your site is secure.

Because of this I want to show you some extra security measures you can take in WordPress. They are a little code intensive, so if you are not comfortable doing the following things, please get extra help. But anyone somewhat comfortable with technical things should be able to do these. Read More

how to create perfect social post

How to Create a Perfect Social Media Post

Social Media is playing an Important role in Marketing today and Many small Businesses are benefiting a lot from it and Businesses who even do not have a website are on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social Networks.

So, Most of business owners manage their accounts on their own and always have difficulty to create perfect posts which can engage more people. Neil Patel had created a great infographic . Read More

10 Link Building Tactics that are Dead in 2014 & must be Avoided


Make sure that you earn Quality Links rather building poor links in 2014

Link Building used to be Main Pillar or SEO since Years but after google rolled out Its Penguin update old techniques can harm your website rather then providing any benefit.

Many Link Building approaches had gone in not to do list these days, Here I am highlighting Most commonly used techniques that every SEO need to avoid in 2014.
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