Search When Local Businesses Are Busiest with Google Search Now

google new searchGoogle Search got a small, but notable, update today which focuses on helping users determine when it’s the best time to visit a nearby business. After performing a search for a business on Google, then clicking the title to see details like its address, phone number and open hours, for example, Google will also now show you “popular times” for the business in question. This data, meant to highlight when the business is at its busiest, is accompanied by a bar chart which you can scroll through day by day.
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seo guide 2015

4 Most Useful SEO Guides for Irish Businesses to Start

seo dublinMany small Irish Businesses do not have enough budget to invest in SEO but there is always need for it to stay ahead of competition. For small Businesses, it is easy to rank on with less effort. If you are a small business owner and want to save some on SEO, then these SEO guides are best to start with.

Here I am sharing you some of the Important guides on SEO from industry experts. First Start with Google- what Google have to say in terms of SEO.

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getting facebook fans easily

6 Steps you need to take to Get First 1000 Facebook Fans

Almost every Business that is online is using social media for their promotion. Facebook and Twitter are mainly used out of 100s. But it is quite tough to get people connect to your Facebook page when you just starting.

Fake fans are also not working these days as Facebook is deleting inactive fans from pages and if not they are not engaging at all.

So, what are the right steps you need to take to grow your Facebook fan base? Well, to guide you in accomplishing this goal, Neil Patel created an infographic that outlines those steps.  Read More

How to Secure WordPress with 3 Simple Steps

As Use of wordpress websites is increasing and securities issues are also increasing. Many websites are finding themselves victims of the infected code to wordpress.

how to secure wordpressAlthough not specifically SEO related, perhaps nothing can be more damaging to a website’s bottom line than a security problem. Search Rankings are great but only when your site is secure.

Because of this I want to show you some extra security measures you can take in WordPress. They are a little code intensive, so if you are not comfortable doing the following things, please get extra help. But anyone somewhat comfortable with technical things should be able to do these. Read More

how to create perfect social post

How to Create a Perfect Social Media Post

Social Media is playing an Important role in Marketing today and Many small Businesses are benefiting a lot from it and Businesses who even do not have a website are on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social Networks.

So, Most of business owners manage their accounts on their own and always have difficulty to create perfect posts which can engage more people. Neil Patel had created a great infographic . Read More